Dear Parents:

We know that your daughter is going through a very exciting time in her life joining a  Sorority at USC. Because you can not be here to go through this special time with her, we at Greek Escape are here to help you show your support!

Greek Escape is a Novelty Store, specializing in custom Greek clothing and novelties.

We proudly create and deliver gifts for any occasion throughout the year! Please give us a call or email us.

We are always available via phone! Please call us! We hope that we will have what you are looking for, if not, we will create the next best gift.

Yes! Greek Life makes a difference and at GREEK ESCAPE the difference counts!  We want to help you support your daughter and wish her the best of luck as she begins her Sorority Life at USC!


We are offering three custom Sorority Decorated Gift Baskets for you to select for your daughter on this special occasion.  Each item listed below is imprinted with her sorority logo and will be delivered to your daughter’s new sorority in her name during their “SPECIAL MONDAY NIGHT DINNER!”

Ask your daughter how special and fun Monday nights are!

 Sorority Baskets

BASKET “A”: $64.95

Stationary, Note Cards & Memo Pad, Key Chains & Hair ties

Pen & Pencils, Coffee Sleeve, Mirror, Nail File

Post-it-notes, Frame, Cup, Sticker, Photo Album

Button and Balloons, Surprise!, Personalized Gift Card

BASKET “B”: $99.95

All items in Basket “A” PLUS a Gift certificate for a custom T-Shirt or Shorts.

BASKET “C”: $109.95

All items in Basket “A” PLUS a Gift certificate for a custom Sweatshirt

Or Create your own Basket!   

Greek Jewelry(10K Gold and Sterling Silver)

Including lavaliers, rings, Necklaces and Bracelets with sorority Letters Available!

Woven Blanket with Sorority crest & letters($59.95), Silver Pin Box ( $29.95), Variety of picture frames ($5.95 & up), Variety of stationery ($4.95 & up), Key chains (starting at $4.95)

Tote Bags ($28.95), License plates frames ($16.95 & up), ID holders and Coin Purse ($8.95 & up), Pocket Mirrors (starting at $4.95), Nail Files & Chap stick (starting at $3.95)

NEW! Water Bottles ($21.95), NEW! Gold Glitter Tumblers ($16.95), CUSTOM made T-shirts ($25.95), CUSTOM Shorts & Pants (Starting at $25.95), Crew Sweatshirt ($39.95)

Hood Sweatshirt ($49.95), Cookie Cutters ($5.95), Cosmetic Bags (starting at $14.95), Sticky Tabs & booklet ($4.95 & up), Hair Ties ($5.95), Stuffed Animals  ($12.95 & up)

Rose Bouquets & Orchards ($12.95 & up), Wood Alphabet Blocks ($4.95), NEW! Tank Tops ($21.95), Candy Bouquets ($19.95 & up), NEW! Travel Mugs ($16.95) ,Phone Card Holders ($8.95)

Pillow Cases ($16.95), Flags ($4.95 to $29.95), Gift Cards (Any Amount), Variety of Lil & Big Sis Novelty Available! 

And much much more..







Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes Available!

All sizes and flavors

(Round to Full Sheet)

We customize & deliver!







ASK about our very unique and impressive 3-foot HOT AIR BALLOON for birthdays or any  occasion ($16.95.)

We will attach the  balloon to any gift and send it to your son or daughter!




"Presents" Pillows


A time honored USC tradition is to present new members of each sorority with a keepsake to commemorate the occasion. This beautiful battenburg lace pillow is hand crafted and embroidered with your daughter's name, sorority letters, and their house flower. We hand deliver it to the house on her special day.




We want to create a memory for you! Let us know how to make your Greek's day a special one!